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My Story

          Hi, I am Jenni Holland, a stay at home mom to two kids, Alex who is 7 and Emily who is 5.  When I found Scentsy, it was right after I resigned from my position at work to stay home with my  kids.  I had been called into the office at work for calling out too many time in a month.  Both my kids had been pretty sick that month so they couldn't go to daycare and we were between doctors appointments, so it was unavoidable.  We realized that the kids needed me home and being away from home was not the best option.     I bought a warmer from an event that I had been at. I had learned about how safe they were and figured I would give it a try.  Also, I spoke with the consultant there about selling Scentsy.  I had needed some time to think about it.  Well, when my order arrived and I plugged in my warmer, I fell in love!  I was amazed that I could smell the scent not only in the same room, like my candles, but all around the house.  I was hooked and decided to sign up to share this amazing product with everyone, this was May 2011.    It has been an amazing experience with the amount of support from Scentsy and the ability to bring in my income while being home with my kids watching them grow!  I couldn't ask for anymore from a business.   I am going on 5 years with this company and business is constantly growing.  I hit Director in February 2012 and since then our group has grown like crazy!  I am so thankful for everyone of them and couldn't be here without them!   Why not start your own Scentsy story and start building your business for only $99?   I would love to speak with you regarding Scentsy and answer any questions that you may have!  Please feel free to call or e-mail me with any questions at you convenience!   Have a Wonderful Day!